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Business Name: THE BAR[RE]

Owner/President/CEO Name & Title: KC Brunini

Address: 412 Cromwell Ave, Unit 7 Rocky Hill Connecticut 06067

Phone: 7818350421

Email: meetme@thebarrect.com

How many years have you been in business? 1

What are some features that make your business unique?

We offer a variety of fitness classes which helps promote a well balanced fitness lifestyle. Our studio is the only boutique fitness studio in the area to offer this much variety at a reasonable price.

Give us a brief history of your business: KC moved to CT in May of 2017 and started renting studio space from two local businesses in Rocky Hill (Rhythm N Sync Dance Studio and Wicked Z Dance & Fitness) as KC was growing and former owner of WZ™, Michelle Lombardo, was ready for a change they swapped hands and KC merged the two studios together. KC likes to be involved in the community as well as support and partner up with other small businesses in the local area (Still Hill Brewery)

What is the most exciting news your business has had in the last year? Opening our own space at 412 Cromwell Ave.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I love the sense of community we have established at the studio in such a short period of time. Clients who may have never known a single person at the studio quickly recognize familiar faces, learn new names and create friendships. I believe this is so important especially at a fitness studio because fitness can be intimidating but a strong community makes fitness fun!

Why are you a member of the Rocky HIll Chamber of Commerce?

I am a member of the Rocky Hill Chamber of Commerce because I am still very new to CT. My hometown in MA is has a very similar small town feel which I miss but love about Rocky Hill. I also love meeting other small business owners! I love learning about others passions and hopefully am able to help promote another small business in the area through mine.

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