We work in the snow: A Burris Logistics Story

It’s Wednesday Night; a snow storm approaches from the south… And I have to work in the morning.

Some people may be thinking to themselves, well… looks like I won’t be going in tomorrow. Snow Day!

But we work in the food industry. And the one thing we absolutely need, is food. No matter the weather, rain or shine, sleet or snow, we come to work, get the job done and provide our customer with the product they need. The post office did it first, but we do it better.

I wake up Thursday morning, and I look out my window and see nothing, no snow… It hasn’t started yet. I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ll be going to work early to beat the snow. As I approach Rocky Hill from the north the snow starts with just a few flurries. I arrive at work, and the snow has started in full force. Here we go!

My fellow supervisor and I get the day going, honestly a little nervous about how this day is going to go. Our shift starts at 8 am and at that time the snow was falling in near blizzard conditions. But our team didn’t disappoint. We overcame numerous challenges during the day to ensure that the food you buy for your family, made it to the stores it needed to go to. We had 54 warehouse team members, 7 maintenance members, and the entire management team braved the storm and came to work. This was especially uplifting, as in previous places I have worked, on snow days the management team was nowhere to be found. One of our mottos here at Burris Logistics is “Make it happen” and that’s exactly what we did. The snow provided us with many challenges that day. We couldn’t clear the snow fast enough even with multiple plows and various construction equipment. While our warehouse team was pushing through the work for the day and getting the 55 outbound trailers picked and loaded, and the 17 inbound trailers unloaded and received, our fearless management team went to work outside, armed with shovels, ice picks, and Snow blowers to help clear snow and keep our operation moving. This even included going out to the employee parking lot and cleaning off the team member’s cars so when they were done with their hard day’s work they weren’t met with a buried car.

Its days like this that it makes me proud to be a part of the team we have here at Burris Logistics. All in all it was a long, challenging day at work, but at the end of the day our team went home feeling accomplished, and proud of their efforts. All of our 133 fresh and frozen outbound loads were delivered thanks to our talented and dedicated transportation team. Everyone did their part that day to ensure the precious cargo we store and haul for BJ’s wholesale Club was delivered promptly and safely, so that everyone throughout the north east would have food to buy when they went to the store the next day.

Please join us March 16th for “Business After Hours”, here at Burris Logistics at 490 Brook Street in Rocky Hill CT, and come meet our hard working, and fun loving team. Enjoy some good food while you get to know the Burris team, and after, take a tour of our facility to see our team in action. We look forward to seeing you there!


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