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Buckets of overflowing hydrangeas and blossoming garden roses typically line TK and Brown’s studio, while stems and stripped leaves litter the floor, creating chaos in a naturally beautiful way.

Terri Krisavage, the sole proprietor of TK and Brown’s has stayed current and knowledgeable in the floral industry for years, beginning her journey in Rocky Hill 25 years ago.

After soaking up all that Arizona had to offer, including three years as a floral designer for the Tournament of Roses Parade, florist for the Phoenix Open, and a lead floral decorator at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Terri moved back to Connecticut in 1991.

Quickly after her return she opened up Bonetti’s Floral Studio with ex-business partner Gordon Bonetti on Cromwell Avenue. The two shared nearly five years of success together until Gordon left the area, moving to upstate New York, where he could be closer to his beloved daughter and grandchildren.

The late 90’s brought a new name and big clients to Terri’s business. In 1997, she opened TK Floral Design and was chosen as the florist for the Canon GHO. Beginning in the late 90’s, stretching until the present; Terri has worked on florals for the Travelers Golf Championship. Each year she continues to produce unique pieces made specifically for the summer tournament.

In 2005 Terri had the opportunity to move her business to a larger space on the Silas Deane Highway, leaving her store on Cromwell Avenue. Back before grocery stores and internet services began to flourish with everyone’s floral needs, walk-ins were constant at her flower shop, so more space allowed her room for a store front.

The most recent name of her floral business, TK and Brown’s formed after she purchased Brown Greenhouses of Bloomfield back in 2008.

Spray painted carnations and bedazzled bouquets came and left, as did the demand for many local florists after the internet became a way of life. With countless wire services, and chain grocery stores offering floral departments and websites, many consumers drifted from walk-in florists and turned to the web for their orders.

After this shift from in person to online and phone call orders, Terri moved back to Cromwell Avenue in 2015. Her new space has no store front, but walk-ins are always welcome (though it may be best to call ahead to check on her schedule)! By relocating she increased the size of her design studio to fit the needs and demands of the wedding business.

Terri continues to design custom and everyday orders for birthdays, celebrations, holidays, funerals and many other occasions, however the majority of her customers are in need of wedding or event flowers.

The past year has sprouted plenty of new additions to TK and Brown’s, starting with the approval of a liquor license. When ordering flowers of any kind, customers now have the option to purchase a bottle of wine or bubbly champagne, along with gourmet gift baskets, and sweet local cupcakes from the fabulous NoRA Cupcake Company. All these gifts can be found on her newly published custom website!

Also, in the past months Terri has re-launched her floral blog, Visions, which explores wedding and flower trends, as well as features weddings that she has been involved in!

When given the chance, Terri prefers to keep her business and needs local. Since opening in the 90’s, she has hired Rocky Hill High School students to help out at the shop, and over the years those employees turned into wedding clients and happy customers!

Terri has a huge heart, and never misses the chance to donate or offer her creativity to organizations around the state. This year TK and Brown’s will sponsor the Rocky Hill concert series as well as their youth soccer team! For those who attend the popular concerts be sure to find our TK flower girls handing out fresh blooms and gift cards! Once the summer sizzles off and the cool air sweeps back in, Terri will also support the Rocky Hill fall fest in October.

In the past year she has worked closely with the Raynbow Foundation Golf Tournament, and the Holy Family Monastery Foundation Golf Tournament. In addition, she has donated flowers and arrangements to the Linda Clemens Breast Cancer Foundation for the past seven years. All of these organizations are held close to Terri and she continues to offer her imagination wherever it’s needed.

Her creativity and kindness have touched many pleased customers throughout the past two decades. Currently, Terri is viewed as a top wedding florist in Connecticut and ceaselessly satisfies her brides and grooms on their big day.

Terri ceaselessly travels to state and nation wide events and conventions in order to sustain her level of expertise in the floral industry. She welcomes customers in need of any and all types of flower needs, both wedding and everyday related to visit the website, or stop in for a consultation!

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