Driving under the influence of alcohol is an awful risk to take for yourself and the others with who

As if the shame, guilt, and hassle of a drunk driving arrest and conviction aren’t bad enough, a DUI comes with a hefty price tag, too—but, to be fair, you do deserve it. Your first DUI can be upwards of $20,000, even without any property damage or anyone being harmed. All because you didn’t want to get an Uber or a taxi for your return trip home. Well, the cost of a DUI would be the same if you drove a taxi half-way around the world! Two in three people will be involved in some sort of drunk driving accident during their lifetimes. Don’t be a statistic; learn what happens to you when you get a DUI so that you can make better life choices when it comes to drinking and driving.

High Ticket Pricing of a DUI

You can kiss that money you were saving up for the Drake concert or a down payment goodbye! The expenses that come with a DUI conviction include bail, car towing, court fees, legal fees, DUI education programs, increases in insurance premiums, probation fees, drug/alcohol assessments and counseling, license reinstatement fees, and the loss of work income. And that’s if you get off lucky.

Many states now require DUI offenders to install pricey ignition interlock devices, which connect directly to the car’s ignition and monitor a driver’s blood-alcohol content (BAC) levels. If alcohol is detected the car will not start and will even trigger security alarms.

DUIs are dangerous for you, and for the other innocent people who are sharing the road with you. If you are given a DUI, having the right auto and umbrella insurance policies may help take care of the legal fees, but won’t clear your conscious. Please don’t drink and drive! To review your coverage options in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, contact Royko-Charamut Insurance LLC.

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