Health insurance myths and lies are causing a great confusion among the American people, so it’s imp

Health insurance; It’s on the minds of nearly all Americans nowadays because of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2013. The ACA, the failure of the website in its beginnings, and all of the changes that came along with it have made health insurance more confusing than ever. This confusion caused many people to speak ill of the website as well as the ACA program. As the website got better and millions of Americans signed up for the ACA, the difference between fact and myth began to blur. Here are some common health care misconceptions and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Insurance is too expensive for me.

Health care costs are rising. Therefore, many people wrongly assume it’s too expensive, and they can’t afford it. But did you know that 90 percent of ACA customers who purchased a plan 2015 received federal subsidies to offset the cost?

Myth #2: Premiums are going up because insurance companies are spending billions on advertising.

Not true, but also not legal. The federal government requires that 80 cents of every premium dollar paid must go to paying for customers’ medical costs.

Myth #3: It’s cheaper to pay the penalty than to purchase insurance.

This one may be true for you at this very moment. But there’s no guarantee it’ll stay that way. In fact, the penalty you paid this year will increase the following, and the year after that until that penalty is much higher than any premium you’d pay for health insurance.

Knowing the difference between fact and myth is important for any person to make rational decisions. For all of your health insurance needs in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, contact the independent insurance professionals at Royko-Charamut Insurance LLC.

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