Know Something We Don’t? Why Not Blog About It?

Welcome Members! The Chamber blog is a one stop useful source of information for business leaders, such as you, in the Rocky Hill area. We offer a collaboration of resources for business professionals to keep informed about best practices, trends and business related information. The blog also features a variety of industry specific topics written by Rocky Hill business owners. You may even find advice on how to take care of yourself while you’re busy taking care of business! Whether you’re new to blogging or an experienced blogger, you’ll find there are many benefits to sharing your expertise with the community.


  1. It helps you build an audience

  2. It can increase your website traffic

  3. It’s FREE!

  4. Revert to #3, it’s FREE!

  5. It helps you reach new clients

  6. It lets you help other people

  7. It builds your network

  8. It helps you build credibility

  9. You’ll inspire others

  10. It’s super easy

So what’s in a blog? It’s your opportunity to share your knowledge with the Rocky Hill community by contributing an informational article or how-to post about your industry. Remember, our website is visible not only by our members, but our community and communities around the state. Here’s a few simple suggestions to get you off and running: choose a catchy title; keep you content short and sweet; and, add a picture to connect with your audience.

Ready to contribute? Visit our Getting Started page now. Happy blogging.

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