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2019 Rocky Hill Passport



The Rocky Hill Chamber of Commerce is putting together a “Passport to Rocky Hill” to promote local businesses.  If you would like to be included in this promotional event, we ask that you fill out the linked form.


What is the Rocky Hill Passport?  

The Rocky Hill Passport is a program that the chamber is offering to boost attention to Rocky Hill businesses.  Each participating business will get a page printed in the passport.  We will give out the passport to Rocky Hill customers and they must stop into the participating businesses to get their page stamped.  Customers that get 50% of their passport stamped by the last week of January can enter it in a drawing for prizes.  


What do I use to stamp the page?

If you have a simple stamp with your name or address on it we recommend you use that.  If you don't have a stamp we will provide you with Rocky Hill Chamber stickers to use.  


I don't have a storefront can I still participate?

YES,  If your business doesn't have a storefront you can still participate with your web site or business Facebook page.  Just post the passport logo on your web site and pick a secret word or code that the customer can find and write into their passport.   For best results, we recommend making a landing page( ie. www.


How much does it cost to get my business in the passport?  

It is FREE for Rocky Hill Chamber members to participate

Non-Members must pay $10 to participate. 


Do I need to be a Rocky Hill Business to participate?

YES,  Only businesses with a presence in Rocky Hill can participate. 


Do I need to offer a promotion?

You do not need to offer a discount or promotion, however, we do recommend offering some sort of discount to encourage customers to visit and spend money on your services.  If you choose not to offer a promotion, we will simply list the name and contact information for your business on your page.  


Do I need to design my page?   

No, just fill the form and we do the rest.  You may submit a logo for your business to be used in the passport.  If you don't submit a logo we will just use your business name and contact information.  


How will people get passports?   

Passports will be distributed to participating businesses to hand out to their customers.


Is there a cost to the customer for the passport?

There is no cost for customers.  


When does the promotion end?

Passports must be entered into the drawing before the drawing day which will be the last week of January 2019.


What will you do with the passports entered into the drawing?

We will be hosting a passport drawing event during the last week of January 2019.  Customers that get 50% of the pages stamped will be eligible to enter the drawing.  Winners will not need to be present at the event to win.  Prizes will include a $100 gift card to Rocky Hill any donated gift cards or items from participating businesses.  


When is the deadline?

You must sign up by Tuesday, October 22th to have your business participate in the passport.


When will the passports be ready for the general public?

We hope to have the passports ready in Mid November.  

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