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Boost your Business! Participate in the SHOP THE ROCK Program!


Its FREE for Rocky Hill Chamber Members!

This program is completely FREE for Chamber members to offer a discount!



CARDS EXPIRE:  August of each year.  (first year expires 2015)


PRICE OF THE CARD: $20 online (Cards may be discounted at certain chamber events)


WHERE WILL THIS CARD BE SOLD: and at all chamber events including the concert series at the park. 


FREE ADVERTIZING FOR BUSINESSES:  Each business will have the opportunity to advertise their deal 3 months per year for FREE, a year is Aug to Aug.  The business can choose which months they would like to offer their deal


ELIGIBLE BUSINESSES:  Only Rocky Hill Chamber Members are eligible participate in this program.


ELIGIBLE TOWN EVENTS: Discounts for non-profit area events or programs are may also be offerd on the card.  (Eligibility is at the discretion of the RHCOC)


DEALS NOTIFICATION:  Deals will be advertised online on the “Shop the Rock” Link on the chamber web site.  Card owners will check the site to see what deal is happening each Month.  We may also periodically advertise these deals in local papers or in email blasts 


DEAL REQUIREMENTS:  Deals must be one of the following…

Offer of a FREE item or BOGO

At least 10% off

At Least $1 off


Deals Must be exclusive to the Shop the Rock Card. 


DEAL RESTRICTIONS PRINTED ON CARD:  Offer is not to be combined, limit 1 per visit.


PROMOTING YOUR DEAL:  We will give each business a shop the rock poster to display at their business at the time of the deal.  Posters are also avaiable to print from our web site. 



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